Junkie XL Interview (Mar 2006)
May 7, 2007, 7:41 am
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When the sun is shining and you have a myriad of world renowned artists playing over a number of stages to choose from, the last place you want to be stuck is the humid press tent. But alas it was there we reluctantly waited so that we could bring a few words of wisdom to you, our readers. Thankfully, our waiting paid off when in wandered Dutch ex-pat Junkie XL.

If you were glued to the television screen during the 2002 World Cup like millions of other football fans then you will remember Junkie XL. His remix of Elvis’ ‘A Little Less Conversation’, taken from his debut album “Radio JXL”, was played during nearly every single advertisement break thanks to the marketing people at Nike. Four years on, and coincidentally just in time for Germany 2006, Junkie XL has just released a new album entitled “Today”.

Interview & Introduction by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)


HigherFrequency (HRFQ) : We’d really appreciate it if you could talk to us for a little bit.

Junkie XL : Yeah, sure.

HRFQ : First of all can tell us what is so important about coming to Miami for the Winter Music Conference ?

Junkie XL : I think the most important thing is that it’s like a global gathering of all DJs, artists, producers and other performers. It’s good for people to get to know each other and hang out. Some of the people I haven’t seen all year, we only see each other in Miami. So it is pretty cool.

HRFQ : Have you been to many events around town ?

Junkie XL : I played Crobar on Thursday, Snatch yesterday and today is the Ultra Festival. Of course you hang out with your friends and you get together with other artists to have a drink and a laugh.

HRFQ : Are you touring a lot more in the States since you moved to Los Angeles ?

Junkie XL : It has been primarily America and South America lately. It’s also because I did Europe, Australia and Asia so many times before. But later in this year I am going to be touring Asia and coming to Japan.

HRFQ : Can you tell us anything about the concept of your new album ?

Junkie XL : Actually this is the first album that has no concept. If there is any concept… I just spent three months making. It is more of a personal album, it’s like all my experiences as an artist over the past twenty years cut in this album. That is why it’s called “Today” because this where I am here and now musically.

End of the interview

Listen to Junkie XL on hrfq.com
Junkie XL Official Site


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