Kitchen Party TV
July 2, 2007, 11:51 am
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There’s a new website out with a rather intriguing concept. Kitchenparty.tv centres around the idea that, well let’s face it, every house party you go to inevitably ends up with its nexus in the kitchen. So the crew behind this wacky idea have decided to open up their kitchen in their London home to around 30 people, invite round a well-known DJ and then run around filming it all and bunging it onto the world wide web.

Kitchenparty.tv is a brand new concept but already has featured sets from Will Saul’s pal King Roc, Music For Freaks man Johnny Rock and of course the site’s (and kitchen’s) owners Sweet & Vicious DJs have volunteered their services as well.

The first question that is inevitably going to spring to your mind, at least in the eyes of the Kitchenparty.tv team, is what about the harm this concept will have on the environment? Well, fear not. The website subscribes to the theory of carbon neutrality so all DJs must either live in London or already be traveling for another gig, and will be escorted to the venue by public transport or slightly more stylish hybrid electric cab. Plus many more environmentally friendly practices.

Listen to King Roc on hrfq.com


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