New Chica and the Folder on Monika Enterprise
July 19, 2007, 3:47 pm
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Chica and the Folder aka Paula Schopf and Max Loderbauer may not be quite as well known as fellow Berlin based German/Chilean Ricky V but their new album “Under the Balcony” should still be one you look out for at your local record store come the 7th of September this year. “Under the Balcony” is full of quirky beats, plops, squonks, melodies and the ocassional vocal from newspaper sellers, young daughters and robots on acid (or at least the vocoder equivalent).

For those not convinced without a few big names thrown into the hoop, the album has been lovingly mixed by Tobias Freund of Sieg Uber die Sonne fame and the aforementioned Ricardo Villalobos will be provided a remix for a 12″ single release that should come out at around the same time as the album on Monika Enterprise.

01. Huerfanos
02. Perfect Day (Sometimes)
03. All Inclusive
04. Dancing Been
05. Desde el Balcon
06. Angelus Novus
07. Sacrificio
08. Dias Amarillos
09. Souffle
10. Monte Rosa
11. Happy
12. Fest der Grillen

Listen to Chica and the Folder on hrfq.com
Listen to Monika Enterprise on hrfq.com


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