Cobblestone Jazz Interview (Sep 2007)
October 10, 2007, 12:58 pm
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Mathew Jonson, Danuel Tate, Tyger Dhula combine forces Voltron style to form probably the current most powerful trio in the techno scene. The recently had a little Japanese sojourn where they carved up the woods at the Labyrinth festival as well as a more run of the mill club night.

Interview by Ryo Tsutsui (HigherFrequency) _ Introduction by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)


HigherFrequency (HRFQ) : How did your show at the Labyrinth festival compare to your club set?

Cobblestone Jazz : Certainly it’s a different environment. Its nice being in a contained space of a club, everybody supports and you can really feel the energy a lot more. A festival is also very cool because its in nature and more open so I think it makes the music different.

HRFQ : How did you three start to play together?

Cobblestone Jazz : We met in Victoria, and we would put different groups together. We met back around 1997. We started playing in a group called Modern Deep Left Quartet with the Mole of Soul, then we moved away and the Mole moved to Montreal, and we formed Cobblestone Jazz after that.

HRFQ : Could you tell us a little bit about the process of how you make music?

Cobblestone Jazz : We kind of like to focus around just going in the studio and all playing together at the same time, kind of like a Jam situation. It’s more interactive, try and be as open as we can. A lot of the times we start playing, we let ourselves go allover everywhere, and when we find something that really clicks we use that put it all back together again and then mix it. The main thing is that we aren’t writing part one at a time, the nice thing about the way we’re writing is that because it’s all being done together and multi-tracked at the same time it adds a bit of a different feel than doing it separately.

HRFQ : How often do you play together?

Cobblestone Jazz : We try and schedule a couple months out of the year to really focus on what we’re doing, inside that there’s a lot of touring that’s happening, we’re all quite busy though and we’re living in different places so we don’t see each other as much as we’d like to probably but we usually do two or three tours a year and then spend a couple of months in the studio, doing more production. When we’re going to be touring our album in October I’m going to have a studio in Berlin so we’re gonna try during or in between the tour to spend as much time in the studio as well.

HRFQ : How long did it take to record ’23 Seconds’?

Cobblestone Jazz : It took about two months to do it which we felt was a bit rushed, but what ended up happening is first we went in some different directions and created some music that wasn’t quite what we wanted to have. We produced a couple of nice things at that time but then we took the instruments that we play live and sticking with that and after that the album came together really quickly, in probably six weeks.

HRFQ : Could you tell us about some of the most memorable shows you’ve done?

Cobblestone Jazz : Probably Montreal Jazz Festival was pretty good, Soundwave, it’s an outdoor festival near where we lived in Victoria, this year in particular it rained very hard almost the whole time, we played a set there and right when we started, it stopped raining for about half an hour, part way through it started to pour again but people kept dancing and having a good time. The parties on the west coast are very different than the rest, a lot of people driving up dirt roads for hours and camping. It not so organized but it very ragged.

HRFQ : Do you have any specific plan about what to do next?

Cobblestone Jazz : Well we just got signed to K7! So we’re releasing our album in a few weeks then we’ll be touring. Then I think we’ll be making another album or maybe some more EPs on Wagon Repair. But we’re going keep doing what we’re doing, record and tour, everyone has there solo projects too, but with Cobblestone, we’re going to make some music, tour it, take a break, let the solo people do what their doing, then when we get hungry again, go in and share it.

End of the interview

Listen to Cobblestone Jazz on hrfq.com
Labyrinth Official Site


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