Pan-Pot Interview (Oct 2007)
October 17, 2007, 1:32 pm
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Pan-Pot’s whimsically titled new album “Pan-O-Rama” is out now on Mobilee Records and perfect for your crate if have a penchant for scaring women and children or spending a night out at the club hiding in a hole in the corner of the room. An interview that hopefully contains a few wise words from the dup who believe “Nobody has the patent on a haircut or a moustache”. Interesting stuff.

Interview and Introdcution by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)


HigherFrequency (HRFQ) : How much of your life did your new album “Pan-O-Rama” consume while trying to get it ready for release?

Pan-Pot : At least one year, from collecting ideas until the final mixes and getting the coordination stuff done. Already two years ago we spoke about this album with Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann, so the album was a slowly growing project. Investing a lot of time and work, we’ve been using as much time as possible.

HRFQ : Why do you think you were chosen by Anja Schneider for Mobilee’s first ever
artist album?

Pan-Pot : We talked about the first Mobilee Album done by us almost two years ago.
Probably Anja trusts in us and our music. We’re working very close together, in fact we’re working in the same office/studio space. Anja heard the whole process of the album and gave us her feedback on all tracks during working on it.

HRFQ : When listening to your music there is a certain width and depth in terms of
soundscape which is something many producers fail to achieve. How important do
you think this is in dance music?

Pan-Pot : Depends what kind of music you want to call your own. We really like dark
atmospheres and soundscapes but trying to keep it in an interesting mood for the dancefloor. So it fits to our music. Darkness is definitely not a must have for good dance music; it’s a question of taste.

HRFQ : The last track on the alum ‘Faces’, has a very different sound to most of your
music. How much was this the influence of collaborator Vincenzo?

Pan-Pot : Tassilo and Vincenzo worked on this track with the aim to involve a piano.
The track may sound different but still includes our sound favorites.Vincenzo is a very talented musician and a brilliant piano player. “Faces” shows the combination of Vincenzos house roots and Pan-Pots musical preference.

HRFQ : You guys are kitted out with your sunglasses on the new album cover and
everyone seems to want a Magda haircut or a Luciano moustache. How much has
the techno scene become about image?

Pan-Pot : We’re having the moustaches for more than four years now, cutting it every week and our hairstyles seem to be the same for also four years now. It’s good to see that people take care of themselves, their look, their image. There are
people who copy and people who are copied, fuck it, that’s life. We don’t have the time to think about that too much. If there’s somebody who’s having the same haircut like richie hawtin or luciano, why not? it’s funny but we don’t judge it. Nobody has the patent on a haircut or a moustache.

HRFQ : The press-release for the album says you guys have become successful in just two years, has it really been that easy?

Pan-Pot : No, we’re releasing for two years now, but we worked together since we met each other 4 and a half years now. so double the time. Now, it’s possible to go live with what we’re doing, it used to be quite different the first 2 and a half years. Most of the time we were happy to have enough money buying food.

Pan-Pot ‘Pan-O-Rama’ is out now on mobilee

End of the interview

Mobilee Official Site
Pan-Pot Myspace
Listen to Pan-Pot on hrfq.com


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