Damian Lazarus Interview (Dec 2007)
December 18, 2007, 4:16 pm
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The behatted Londoner shares some thoughts on the music that is moving him at the moment as well as very brief summary on his feelings on the smoking ban in the UK.

Interview by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)


HigherFrequency (HRFQ) : What’s exciting you at the moment musically? Is the new wave of club music going around in London doing it for you at all?

Damian Lazarus : The past week I have mainly been listening to the 2nd Radiohead In Rainbows cd, a compilation that friends made for me called the ‘Amalgamation mix’, an album from the late 60’s by an artist called JK & Co and tracks from the brand new Pier Bucci album.

HRFQ : You are well known for adding a few kooky tracks into your sets but when does eclecticism turn into self-indulgence?

Damian Lazarus : I guess when people leave the dancefloors laughing at you, you probably have a problem – fortunately that hasn’t happened to me yet. There is a very fine line between self indulgence and playing artistically, I like to think that during a 5 or 6 hour set I’m allowed to push the boundaries of common sense once or twice.

HRFQ : How about the Lazpod, has that scared any die hard fans off or are you getting a good reaction to the change up in sound?

Damian Lazarus : I’ve been blown away by the positive reaction to Lazpod, I’m just very happy that the people that come dance and party with me in clubs are open minded enough for me to tickle them with some very strange music. Nobody really wants to listen to techno all day and the Lazpod shows are a reflection of what I like to listen to when I’m not preparing DJ sets or considering releases for Crosstown Rebels.

HRFQ : Listening to it, sounds like you are doing a bit of a Pete Tong and really enjoying it. Any plans to get into radio?

Damian Lazarus : I did some radio recently, some late night shows on Kiss FM and Radio One had me in for some demos but I don’t think I fit the bill for the ‘next Pete Tong’. I think Lazpod is a perfect radio opportunity; I get to record it in my own time, in my own studio, with my own music – what could be better?

HRFQ : Vinyl is having a really tough time at the moment. What does it mean for the labels and the whole dance music scene?

Damian Lazarus : Every record label is needing to assess its business plans right now, with distribution companies closing all around us and many people preferring to buy an mp3 over a vinyl 12” there are issues that definitely need to be dealt with.

HRFQ : You are now coming out to Tokyo every year for Crosstown parties, any plan to start something up more regularly with more of the crew making the trip over?

Damian Lazarus : Well the residency at Yellow is perfect as it is a perfect room for our music and our spirit of partying. The last trip I made with Jamie Jones and the party was incredible, this time around I’m flying solo and will play for most of the night alone – Yellow is one of the only clubs in the world where I really love to do this – the people are so relaxed and exciting and cool and the atmosphere is killer.

HRFQ : Smoking has been banned in UK clubs so is coming to Tokyo, where smoking still rules, a blessing or a curse?

Damian Lazarus : I like to play and smoke!!

HRFQ : Last time we spoke you mentioned you may try your hand at producing and in another recent interview you mentioned it again. When will we get to hear some of this home-made Lazarus magic?

Damian Lazarus : I hope to release some of my own music in 2008. Watch this space for more information soon!



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Hi there,
Sorry this isn’t a comment on the interview, but I wasn’t sure how else to get in touch with you guys. Would you be interested in reviewing 2020Vision music on your blog? If yes, please email me and I can send some through. I have Paul Woolford’s album out on March 10th for starters!


Comment by Jane Ainley

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