Konnichiwa Bar 25 Live Stream
July 13, 2007, 12:41 pm
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Bar 25

As mentioned previously there will be a Japanese themed party happening at Berlin’s debaucherous Bar 25 this weekend. For anyone not in town you can still listen to all the action via a live stream on Bar 25’s website. The party starts on Saturday night (Berlin time) and goes all the way through to Monday morning so plenty of time to tune in. As well as the various Japanese artists crashing the party, Berlin locals M.A.N.D.Y. will also make an appearance.

Lineup :

Listen to the Bar 25 Live Stream


Josh Wink, Darren Emerson – Underwater Vs Ovum @ The End – July 28th
July 5, 2007, 10:10 am
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Josh Wink

Text by Kim Booth (RebelButterfly)

Josh Wink is to play The End for the first time in four years.. Joining Underwater head Darren Emerson, two of dance music’s legends go ‘head to head’ to stand and deliver the best house and techno all night long.

Josh Wink, owner and artist of seminal Philly label Ovum Recordings since 1994 and behind influential releases including ‘Don’t Laugh’, ‘Higher State of Consciousness’, ‘Are You There’, ‘How Is Your Evening So Far?’, ‘516 Acid’ and more recently his ‘Thick Like Thieves’ release on Poker Flat – as well as recent remixes for Radio Slave and SomeOne Else (to name a few), has not played alongside Darren Emerson for Underwater at The End for four years. So get ready.

Wink plays Underwater for an Underwater versus Ovum special before his six week residency at Circo Loco at DC10 in Ibiza begins from 30th July to 3rd September.. Also forthcoming in September expect a new compilation from Wink’s label Ovum, featuring the best Ovum releases from its 13 year existence, entitled ‘Ovum:Evolve’

The AKA is hosted by Sancho Panza.

Listen to Josh Wink on hrfq.com
Ovum Official Site

Kitchen Party TV
July 2, 2007, 11:51 am
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There’s a new website out with a rather intriguing concept. Kitchenparty.tv centres around the idea that, well let’s face it, every house party you go to inevitably ends up with its nexus in the kitchen. So the crew behind this wacky idea have decided to open up their kitchen in their London home to around 30 people, invite round a well-known DJ and then run around filming it all and bunging it onto the world wide web.

Kitchenparty.tv is a brand new concept but already has featured sets from Will Saul’s pal King Roc, Music For Freaks man Johnny Rock and of course the site’s (and kitchen’s) owners Sweet & Vicious DJs have volunteered their services as well.

The first question that is inevitably going to spring to your mind, at least in the eyes of the Kitchenparty.tv team, is what about the harm this concept will have on the environment? Well, fear not. The website subscribes to the theory of carbon neutrality so all DJs must either live in London or already be traveling for another gig, and will be escorted to the venue by public transport or slightly more stylish hybrid electric cab. Plus many more environmentally friendly practices.

Listen to King Roc on hrfq.com

TDK Cross Central 07 First Acts Announced
June 29, 2007, 11:44 am
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TDK Cross Central 07

First round of lineup announcements is out for this years TDK Cross Central. Apparently it will be the festival’s last time at King’s Cross home with a new venue being chosen for 08’s event. Promoters involved with the two day event include Mulletover, Ninja Tune, Phonica and Secret Sundaze who all bring with them a truckload of artists. As with all festivals there are a lot of familiar names from the summer circuit but I guess it is hard to avoid when you are booking so many acts.

A quick browse through the lists reveal a few Saturday highlights like Chloe and Joakim as well as Optimo who recently put together a mix CD for Japan’s Mule Musiq. The Sunday though seems to be the stronger of the days with Crosstown Rebels’ rising star Jamie Jones, Villalobos, Holden, Loco Dice and even Detroit legend Daniel Bell all banding together to make a pretty cool line up.

Click for the lineup Continue reading

Japan Invades Germany
June 28, 2007, 2:39 pm
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Next month Japan is set to launch an official attack on the city of Berlin and it’s most important export…techno. Starting off the assailt is the night called Konnichiwa Berlin which is going down at Club Maria on the 7th of July. The home team will among others be represented by Festplatten owners Gebr. Teichmann and techno duo EAT from the Diamonds N Pearls stable with the visitors bringing support from Osaka and Tokyo in the form of Unkown DJ Team and Tokuto Denda.

A week later the havoc will recommence, this time at the infamous Bar 25 where the usual three day long party will be infiltrated by 5 Japanese artists including Toyko’s tehno ambassador Gonno and Berlin resident/label owner Shingo Suwa.

Both parties have been organized by Okada Masamichi from the Tokyo based Leitfaden Europe/Japan Artist exchange project. Other events in the Leitfaden book of successes include Gebr. Teichmann 2006 Japan tour and the unforgettable Mule Musiq 3rd Anniversary After Party held at undegroud Tokyo club mixrooffice, and featuring an almost neverending set from Kompakt’s Michael Mayer.

Listen to Gebr. Teichmann on hrfq.com
Listen to Gonno on hrfq.com
Listen to Shingo Suwa on hrfq.com
Listen to Diamonds N Pearls on hrfq.com

Club Maria Official Site
Bar 25 Official Site

Florian’s Lack of Sound
June 20, 2007, 12:32 pm
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Florian Meindl

Austrian born DJ/Producer Florian Meindl experienced slight sound problems while playing at London’s T Bar last weekend despite being a student of music technology. Halfway through an impressive set from the artist who has released from Trapez, Kling Klong and Stil vor Talent, the sound completely shut down. Thankfully the music was later fully restored but not before a few more complete cut outs.

Sound problems aside though, the Friday night T Bar regulars seemed more than impressed with Florian, perhaps influenced by the fact that since October 2006 Meindl has resided in London due to study commitments. Looking at his tour schedule though, with upcoming gigs in Italy, America and Germany it is not clear where the Stil vor Talent A&R man will find times for his school assignments.

Listen to Florian Meindl on hrfq.com

Jeff Milligan Keeps Revolving
June 19, 2007, 1:47 pm
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Jeff Milligan

Canadian in Germany Jeff Milligan has been keeping himself and his Revolver label very busy of late with almost countless projects simmering on the burner.

At the same time as organizing his September tour of Asia, which will include a stop over in Japan, Milligan is preparing to launch the first in the “Collaboration Series” on RevolverCanada. The series opening EP will feature collobarations between Jeff and labelmate Mike Shannon (Cynosure, Canada), Appendix Shuffle (Adjunct, USA) and Fenin (Shitkatapult, Germany).

On top of this various remixes from Jeff are set to appear on labels Trenton Rec, NewKanada and Adagio Music and a re-release of his track “Least Said, Soonest Mended” will make it’s way onto mobile phones in Sweden via the company r.fm

Probably the biggest project in the works for this adopted Berliner would have to be the upcoming DVD release featuring full live video from one of Jeff’s famed four deck sets. To compliment the DVD the very same set will be released as an audio download.

Listen to Jeff Milligan on hrfq.com
Jeff Milligan Official Site