Release of the week #3
October 9, 2007, 12:36 pm
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Lopazz / Kook Kook

Kook Kook : Lopazz

Latest album from Get Physical and film composer Lopazz which ironically enough is as fresh as it gets at the moment despite the retro feel. ‘Share My Rhythm’. ‘Discogs’ (delightfully titled for all us nerds) and ‘We Are’ are definite highlights transporting your mind back a decade or two while your feet stay firmly planted on the dancefloor of today. Could do with a touch more cowbell…but what album couldn’t?

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Release of the week #2
June 25, 2007, 10:09 am
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Omnivore EP : Big City Lover

01. Postcards From My City
02. Time, Energy, Space
03. Fast Love
04. Time, Energy, Space (TES Remix)
05. In The Air
06. Time, Energy, Space (Glue Kids Zu Dumm Remix)

Strong release from another Spanish label, this time Pulpa from the NET28 group. Highlights at either end of the EP with ‘Postcards From My City’ and ‘Time, Energy, Space (Glue Kids Zu Dumm Remix) absolute killers. All six tracks are a nice entrance into hip hop laced abstractness for anyone with green ears.

Listen to Big City Lover on hrfq.com

release of the week #1
May 8, 2007, 6:18 am
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Cray1 Labworks

X-Ray EP : Kornel Lemon

1. X-Ray
2. kolibri
3. Kobra
4. Hive

The first release on Cray1 Digitalworks which is not suprisingly the digital sub-label of Cray1 Labworks. Despite being digital only and coming from a relatively unknown artist (or atleast I hadn’t heard of him) this is an absoultely quality release which is bound to give you that minimal peaktime feeling. The A-side ‘X-Ray’ would have to be a favourite just because of its standout monotonous bassline, but all are up there in terms of bounce.

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